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TTL-RS485 Serial Converter Board (MAX485)

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TTL-RS485 Serial Converter Board (MAX485)

TTL-RS485 Serial Converter Card is a converter card that has MAX485 integrated on it and provides high-speed data transmission to the user even in noisy environments by using the RS-485 protocol for communication. This board works with DC 5V voltage. With TTL-RS485, you will be able to communicate between one or more Arduino, PIC and many other microcontrollers. In addition, you will be able to communicate between the relevant microcontrollers and all sensors using the RS-485 communication protocol.

What is MAX485 Integrated ?

MAX485 is a RS-485/RS-422 communication IC with low power consumption (120-500 µA) with 2.5Mbps maximum speed support.

What is RS-485 Communication Protocol ?

It is a communication standard. Compared to its previous version, RS-232 Protocol, it is a communication protocol developed for use over longer distances, in places requiring higher speed transmission, in more noisy environments, and in places where more receivers and transmitters must be used together.

TTL-RS485 Serial Converter Board Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: DC-5V
  • Data Rate: 2.5 Mbps
  • Integrated Used: MAX485 Integrated
  • Suitable Communication Protocol: RS-485 Communication Protocol
  • High Speed ​​Data Transfer
  • Usable in noisy areas
  • Current Limiting for Overload Protection
  • Low Power Consumption

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TTL-RS485 Serial Converter Board (MAX485)
TTL-RS485 Serial Converter Board (MAX485)
19.17 TL + VAT
23.00 TL
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