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Unit UT383 Mini Luxmeter (Light Meter)

You can measure the light intensity in the environment with the Unit UT 383 Mini Luxmeter. It has a user-friendly structure thanks to its light, ergonomic and durable design. You can use it to measure light intensity in environments such as offices, schools, workshops, laboratories.


  • Auto/manual range, data hold
  • Auto power off (can be canceled)
  • MAX/MIN modes
  • 2044 sets data storage
  • Displays time and adjustable recording intervals (0.5~255s)
  • Restore to default mode
  • Lux/FC selectable
Unit UT383 Mini Luxmeter (Light Meter)
Unit UT383 Mini Luxmeter (Light Meter)
418.40 TL + VAT
502.07 TL
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