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Robotistan Pleksi Otto Robot 

Robotistan plexi otto robot is a series of open source developed robots with various versions with different features. It is made of black stylish plexi material. With the project booklet specially prepared for Otto robot, you can easily assemble and develop your robot. 

The project booklet will not be sent with the Otto robot set. You can reach the project booklet by clicking on the image at the bottom or by clicking here.

Otto -kılavuz.png (129 KB)

Note: The otto robot in the video is a 3d printer version. The video has been added for reference while developing the project. 


There is no bluetooth module in the entry level Otto diy robot kit. It is possible to control the Otto Robot wirelessly, if you have it from your previous projects or by purchasing a bluetooth module. So Otto robot can be controlled by bluetooth. Otto robot has mobile applications developed for both Android and IOS devices. You can easily control it with the phone application by uploading the bluetooth remote control code to the Arduino in the Otto robot.

Otto Robot is Scratch supported. In other words, you can code the Otto robot with its own proprietary software, without the need for Arduino IDE to code. Block coding logic is used on this program. Thus, it is possible for children of all ages to control the Otto Robot by having fun and learning.

Note: The Beginner D.I.Y Robot kit contains the minimum parts needed to build an Otto robot. Therefore, not all features will be available. You need to buy extra parts according to the features you want to add. You can get the Professional D.I.Y Robot kit to use more features..

Otto Robot Kit Package Contents:

  • Product Name Piece
    Arduino Nano Clone - USB cable included - (USB Chip CH340) 1
    Arduino Nano Sensor Shield 1
    Buzzer 1
    Tower Pro SG90 RC Mini (9gr) Servo Motor 4
    HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor 1
    40 Pin Detachable Female-Female F-F Jumper Cable-200 mm 1
    Mini Flat Terminal Screwdriver - 2mm 1
    M3 10 mm YSB Star Cylindrical Head Metric Screw 34
    M3 6 mm YSB Star Cylindrical Head Metric Screw 4
    M3 Nut 38
    M3 Washer 32
    4 AA Battery Holders (Double Sided) 1
    GP Ultra Alkaline Battery AA Pen 4-Pack 1

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Robotistan Plexi Otto Robot - Black
Robotistan Plexi Otto Robot - Black
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