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Write Your First Line of Code with Codey Rocky!

Codey Rocky is an entry-level coding robot for STEM education. By combining block-based programming and easy use of robotic hardware, it will enable students to learn programming while having fun with games. With the mBlock program, they will be able to easily enter the leading areas of technology by using Codey Rocky's built-in artificial intelligence and IoT capabilities, supported by block-based programming and Python programming.
Innovative Two-in-One Design
Brainy Codey: With its 10 programmable electronic modules built in, Codey Rocky has more capabilities than meets the eye.
Agile Rocky: Not only does it follow curvy paths, it makes crafting so much more fun by navigating around obstacles.

Learning Software + Building Hardware = Fun Way to Learn Programming

Powered by the mBlock software, Codey Rocky allows it to create dot matrix animations, design games, and implement artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT) applications. The ability to program all of the robot's movements will help it learn every command intuitively, while at the same time they will have had the rewarding experience of building hardware.

Easy Block Based Programming

The Scratch 3.0-based mBlock program offers block programming that allows anyone who can read to program. At the same time, the learning process is prepared in the form of a game that progresses with levels.

Python Support for Advanced Programming

Python is a programming language that is frequently used in fields such as artificial intelligence and data analysis. You can program directly with Python using mBlock software, and you can create more advanced programs by converting block-based programs to Python code.

Codey Rocky Bileşenleri
Codey Rocky Bileşenleri

With more than 10 electronic modules such as sound sensors, light sensors, LED dot matrix indicators and Codey Rocky, you can create robots that play music, follow light, and imitate facial expressions with easy programming.

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Operations

With its built-in WiFi feature, Codey Rocy can easily connect to cloud services. Codey Rocky, which can also be used as a wearable device, also enables much larger IoT projects.

Codey Rocky Product Content:

  • 1x Robot controller: Codey
  • 1x Robot chassis: Rocky8x Color identification card
  • 1x Micro USB data cable
  • 1x Name sticker
  • 1x Neck strap

Codey Rocky Specifications:

  • Main Control Board/Integrated: ESP32
  • Programmable Modules: LED Display, speaker, RGB LED indicator, buttons, adjustment wheel, sound sensor, light sensor, 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, infrared (IR) transmitter, infrared (IR) receiver, color infrared sensor, DC gearmotor
  • Intelligent functions: line tracking, obstacle avoidance, light tracking, automatic fall correction, color recognition, touch-sensitive remote control, infrared communication
    Artificial intelligence support
  • IoT support
  • Connectivity options: Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / USB
  • Compatible with Makeblock Neuron and Lego bricks
  • Power supply: 950mAh lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 102×95.4×103mm (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 290.5g
Codey Rocky
Codey Rocky
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