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6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit

Solar energy technology, which is very famous around the world, has managed to spread rapidly. The 6-Piece Solar Powered Robot Educational Kit has included new technologies by bringing your children to the top of making robots while having fun. With this kit, you can teach your children how to make helicopters, windmills, robots, airplanes, boats and cars. In this way, you will be raising bright future children with both technological and robotic knowledge.





Technical Specifications of 6 Solar Robot Training Kit:

  • Box dimensions: 21x18x4.5cm
  • Solar Panel dimensions: 3x2.5cm
  • Boat hull: 11x6x2cm
  • Each large propeller length is 8.5cm
  • The size of the small propellers is 5.5cm


6 Pcs Solar Powered Robot Training Kit Package Contents:

  • 1 Piece Spring Motor
  • 1 Piece Spring Solar Panel
  • 1 Motor Shaft Gear
  • 1 Piece Round Shaft
  • 1 Piece Shaft Gear
  • 1 Adhesive Platform
  • 1 Piece 9 cm White Cable
  • 1 piece of 9 cm Green Cable
  • 1 Piece of 23 cm White Cable
  • 1 piece of 23 cm Green Cable

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