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Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro V2


The Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro V2 has a screen-free feature with command buttons. Learn commands, sequences, loops. It has smart advanced technologies. It is combined with an interactive map between the curricula. You can develop women's creativity and storytelling by telling stories through recording functions. Multiple accessories are available to support kids to build more story backgrounds. Perfectly combine fun with art for young children.

Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro Technical Specifications:


  • Screenless design with command buttons
  • Learns Commands, Sequences, Loops
  • Voice Commands: Available
  • Possibility to acquire new abilities and appearances
  • Drawing and dancing through coding
  • Smart redirects
  • Easy to play


matata.jpeg (14 KB)

Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro Package Contents:


  • 1 x Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro
  • 2 x building and building block brackets
  • 2 x Wings
  • 2 x Arm assembly
  • 1 x User Manual

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Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro V2
Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro V2
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