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Bubble Robot Kit

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  • Bubble Robot Kit


    Bubble Robot Kit, making bubbles is so easy now! In fact, the depth of the bubbles is less than a thousandth of a millimeter and is flexible like a balloon. Therefore, you can pop a bubble as you wish. If you want to enter the bubble world, you can make this kit. Your kids will love it!

    Bubble Robot Kit Package Contents:


    • 1 Piece Rear Trunk
    • 2 Piece Eyes
    • 1 Piece Rotor Hub
    • 1 Piece Battery Compartment Cover
    • 1 Piece Fan
    • 2 Piece Terminal Covers
    • 7 Piece Screws Span>
    • 1 Piece Bubble Solution
    • 7 Piece Bubble Sticks


    Materials Not Included But Required In The Bubble Robot Kit:


    • Small Phillips Screwdriver
    • 2 Piece 1.5 Volt AA Batteries

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