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Keyestudio DIY Robot Arm

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Keyestudio DIY Robot Arm

The Keyestudio DIY Robot Arm provides a fantastic opportunity to explore your creativity and technical skills. This special robot arm kit is designed for those interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and robotics. It offers a fun learning experience for you and your children while serving as an excellent starting point for advanced robotic projects.

Keyestudio DIY Robot Arm Technical Specifications:

Easy Assembly: The Keyestudio DIY Robot Arm comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step assembly instructions, making it accessible for people of all ages to successfully complete this project.

Versatile Movements: This robot arm offers versatile movement capabilities. It has a 180-degree rotation capability and 4-axis control for precise movements.

Programmable: It is Arduino-based and easy to program, providing a suitable platform for learning purposes or for use in your projects.

Wide Applications: The Keyestudio DIY Robot Arm is suitable for use in schools, maker spaces, homes, and industrial applications. It transforms learning into a fun and engaging experience.

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Start exploring the technology of the future with the Keyestudio DIY Robot Arm and embark on an unlimited journey of creativity with this unique robot arm kit.

Keyestudio DIY Robot Arm
Keyestudio DIY Robot Arm
1,199.38 TL + VAT
1,439.26 TL
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