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By connecting this product to the outputs of your electronic circuits or devices which operate between DC 4.5-100V and 0-10A, you can see both voltage and amp datas instantly and calculating the power of the electronic devices will be a lot easier. Also, if the connected source between product's anode and cathode legs is max 100V, by connecting another device's that you want to measure its voltage, cathode to digital voltmeter's cathode and its anode to digital voltmeter's white cable, you can see values between 4.5-100V. If you want to amp values of your project, it is possible to see instant values by connecting digital ammeter to its cathode.
This small but readable 0.28" digital voltmeter and ammeter with 3 Digit Display updates screen datas with 500 ms periods, will play a very important role in your projects. Also 1% tolarence is an important feature of the product.
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  • Weight: 20g
  • Source Voltage: DC4.5-100V
  • Display Type: Only Digital
  • Display Colours: Red + Blue
  • Update Time: Approximately 500 ms
  • Model : 3bit 0.28' LED digital tube
  • Measurement Range: DC 4.5-30V (voltage)- DC 0.00-10.00A (current)
  • Tolarance: ± (1% + 2 words)
  • Cable Lenght: 15 cm (5 cable)
  • Phsycal Sizes: 48 x 29 x 26 mm (L*W*H)
  • Operating Environment Temperature: -10° ~ 65°

Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter (100V-10A)
Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter (100V-10A)
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269.23 TL
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