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Creality Series Compatible Barrel (D7xM6x27mm)

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Creality Series Compatible Barrel (D7xM6x27mm)

Creality Series Compatible Barel (D7xM6x27mm) is a high quality component optimized for your 3D printers. This special cylinder is designed to be compatible with Creality brand 3D printers and is an ideal option to increase your printing performance.

This barrel is designed to regulate filament flow and provide a smooth extruder experience. Optimum diameter and length dimensions support a stable feeding of filament and an uninterrupted printing process.

It fits seamlessly with compatible Creality Series 3D printers and can be easily integrated. It is conveniently attached and detachable to your printer, providing a user-friendly solution for replacements or upgrades.

D7xM6x27mm dimensions fit easily into your printer's existing configuration. This simplifies the integration process and provides convenience for users.

Creality Series Compatible Cylinder Technical Specifications:

  • Compatible printers: Compatible with Creality Series 3D printers.
  • Dimensions: D7xM6x27mm
  • Filament flow: It ensures that the filament is fed smoothly and steadily.
  • Optimum dimensions: Diameter and length dimensions optimize filament flow in the printing process.
  • Easy integration: It can be easily attached and removed from your compatible printer.
  • Durable material: Made of high quality material, ensures long-lasting use.
  • Print quality: Provides smooth and uninterrupted flow of filament, improves print quality.
  • Suitable as a spare part: It can be easily replaced when needed.

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Creality Series Compatible Barrel (D7xM6x27mm)
Creality Series Compatible Barrel (D7xM6x27mm)
36.32 TL + VAT
43.59 TL
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