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M3 5mm Setskur Bolt (Screw Pin)

Fasteners that have screw threads on the body but do not have a head are called grub screws. It is mounted using a hex key. One end of the body is pointed in a conical structure and the other end is called a “screw pin” because it has an allen head. One end is pointed and the other end is an allen head and its entire outer surface is threaded. It takes its real name from the English "set screw", meaning in Turkish, from the set screw. They can show more resistance than corrosion or harsh weather conditions. It eliminates problems such as friction and impact, as they can enter the hole all the way through in parts such as rotating pulleys and impellers. Special zinc coating is used to increase its durability. The dimensions of the products are defined as Diameter-Length in mm. The first measure represents the diameter of the product, the second measure the length.


M3 5mm Setskur Bolt (Screw Pin) Technical Specifications:

  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Length: 5mm


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M3 5mm Setskur Bolt (Screw Pin) - 10 PCS
M3 5mm Setskur Bolt (Screw Pin) - 10 PCS
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