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M3 Fiber Nut - 10 Pcs

The fiber nut is used to prevent loosening in areas with vibration and vibration. The fiber nut prevents loosening by compressing the fiber inside during vibration or loosening.


Fiber Nut Technical Specifications:

  • Key Blade: 5.35mm
  • Height: 3.8mm
  • Compatible Screw: M3


Is the fiber nut reusable?

Yes, it can be used, but its resistance is reduced.

Where is the fiber nut used?

Industry in general, etc. attention is paid to use in places. But that doesn't mean you can't use it in your own projects or elsewhere.


Fiber Nut Package Contents:

  • 10 x M3 Fiber Nut


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M3 Fiber Nut - 10 PCS
M3 Fiber Nut - 10 PCS
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