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Creality Series Compatible Heating Block (20x20x10mm)

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Creality Series Compatible Heater Block (20x20x10mm)

The Creality Series Compatible Heater Block (20x20x10mm) is an essential component for your 3D printers' heating system. This high-quality heater block is designed to be compatible with Creality brand 3D printers, allowing you to optimize your printing performance.

This heater block ensures that the filament heats up to the correct temperature. It securely holds the temperature sensor and heating element in place, providing precise and consistent heating. This enhances print quality and consistency.

It seamlessly fits with compatible Creality Series 3D printers and can be easily attached and removed. This offers a user-friendly solution for spare parts or upgrade processes.

With dimensions of 20x20x10mm, its compact design and appropriate sizes easily fit into your printer's current configuration. This simplifies the integration process and provides convenience for users.

Manufactured from durable and high-quality materials, it supports long-term usage and ensures stable operation of your printer.

The Creality Series Compatible Heater Block (20x20x10mm) is an ideal choice to further enhance your 3D printing experience. Purchase now and take your printing performance to a new level!

Technical Specifications of the Creality Series Compatible Heater Block:

  • Compatible Printers: Compatible with Creality Series 3D printers.
  • Material: Manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloy.
  • Heater Cartridge and Temperature Sensor Compatibility: The holes and connection points inside securely hold your printer's heater cartridge and temperature sensor in place.
  • Heat Transfer: Special design ensures optimum heat transfer.
  • Durable and Lightweight: Manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloy, it's durable and lightweight.
  • Easy Installation: Easily attachable and removable to your compatible printer.
  • Dimensions: Typically 20x20x10mm or similar sizes.
  • Print Quality: Enhances print quality by providing optimal heat transfer for consistent results.
  • Convenient Spare Part: Easily replaceable when needed.

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Creality Series Compatible Heating Block (20x20x10mm)
Creality Series Compatible Heating Block (20x20x10mm)
42.97 TL + VAT
51.57 TL
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