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Artificial Intelligence Book

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  • Artificial Intelligence Book

    This book, which contains both theoretical and practical application examples for those who want to start artificial intelligence from scratch, primarily covers the basic concepts of artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks, logic algorithms, etc. explains the theoretical information. Then he goes to the computer and ends with the applications we will write in both Matlab, Knime and .net.


    Artificial Intelligence Book Contents:

    • .Net
    • AForge.Net
    • Activation Functions
    • Perceptual, Conceptual and Motor Subsystems
    • Algorithmic Problem Solving
    • ANFIS
    • Middle Layer
    • Uncertainty
    • Computer Vision
    • Computer Learning
    • Biological Neurons
    • Fuzzy Logic
    • Output Layer
    • Multi-Layer Sensors
    • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Genetic Algorithms
    • Genetic Information
    • Genetic Programming
    • Feedback Networks
    • Backward Calculation
    • The Traveling Salesman Problem
    • Input Layer
    • Goldberg Problem
    • Feed Forward Networks
    • Statistical Approach
    • Ant Colony
    • Complex Problem Solving
    • Classical Logic
    • Knime
    • Chromosome Encoding
    • Rule Unit
    • Machine Learning
    • Mamdani
    • Maths
    • matlab


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