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Young Inventors 3 - Color 7+

Technology is no longer the monopoly of the big ones; began to descend into the world of young people and children. We are all aware of this change. But just being aware is not enough. The need for thinking, coding and producing generations has made it compulsory for the young age group to learn coding, electronics, robotics and technological education with the support of the state. In the Young Inventors book series, we wanted to contribute to the learning of these subjects with an understandable language and entertaining visual illustrations. While choosing the projects in the work, it is aimed that children can easily do the projects in daily life and easily procure the products of the projects. Thanks to our content that is compatible with the STEM and Ministry of National Education curriculum, our books will be a good guide for both parents who want to guide their children in this subject and for our educators.

Young Inventors 3 Technical Features:

  • Size: 22x22
  • Number of Pages: 48
  • Weight: 58gr


Young Inventors 3 Book Content:

  • Simple Engine Construction
  • Smart Led
  • Using Seven Segment Displays
  • Water Tank Informing That The Water Level Has Decreased
  • Simple Amplifier Construction
  • Temperature Controlled Fan Circuit
  • Ten Minute Timer Circuit

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Young Inventors 3 - Color 7+
Young Inventors 3 - Color 7+
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