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3.2" TFT LCD Touch Display is used by adding it to Raspberry Pi as an alternative to a HDMI monitor and it allows you to make a real mobile computer by saving you from the clutter of monitor, keyboard, mouse cable.
It is a quite handy product through to 320x240 pixels and 65K real color palette. You can use it easliy with your human-machine interface applications through 3.2" Resistive Touch Display.
Package Contents:
  • 3.2" Touch LCD Display
  • Touch Pen
  • 2x screws for Raspberry Pi

Product Features:
  • Color: 65536
  • Screen Ratio: 4:3
  • Resolution: 320X240
  • Screen Size: 3,2"
  • Compatible with all Raspberry Pi Models
  • Led Backlight
  • SPI Interface
  • Resistive Touch Panel
  • XPT2046 Touch Controller

Note: Display can be only used with Raspian operating system. Driver installation is required for using display. It can be used pratical and rapid way by installing the special Raspian image ,which is in DVD, to SD card. Review the manuel setup documents in the docs section for adding display to your currently using Raspbian image.


1- 3.5 inches
3,2'' Raspberry Pi Touch LCD Display (Primary Display)
3,2'' Raspberry Pi Touch LCD Display (Primary Display)
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