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Unit UTD2052CL+ Digital Oscilloscope

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Unit UTD2052CL+ Digital Oscilloscope

Unit UTD2052CL+ digital oscilloscope; It is an economical benchtop digital storage oscilloscope that meets the needs of basic measurements. Simple and clear front panel design provides convenient operations for users. It can be applied in areas such as serial data analysis, vibration analysis, data storage device testing, electric vehicle and electronic equipment design, evaluation of frequency response of audio equipment, troubleshooting in automotive engines.


Unit UTD2052CL Digital Oscilloscope Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Counter: 6 Bits
  • Power: 100V
  • Sampling Rate: 500ms/s
  • Bandwidth: 500Mhz
  • Channels:2
  • It has system software upgradeable via USB drive.


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Unit UTD2052CL+ Digital Oscilloscope
Unit UTD2052CL+ Digital Oscilloscope
9,793.95 TL + VAT
11,752.74 TL
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