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Super Multicopter Set - Make Yourself Drone Kit

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  • Are you ready to fly?

    Nowadays, multicopters found a widely usage area such as scientific studies adn hobby applications. Multicopters are used as costumized parts of the job in some areas, as well as other areas and platforms to be delevoped for drones are existing too. As we have gethered together this wonderful drone platform for you. You will be able to get this set containing every essential part to build a drone, build your own drone by following the instructions that we have prepared for you and get fly right away?

    Important Note: Unmanned aeiral vehicles over 500 gr have to be registered to use it legally. Please we aware of this situation.

    super-multikopter-seti-kendin-yap-drone-kiti-multicopter.jpg (58 KB)

    The set does not contain the RC controller and the reciever of this controller. You must get an RC contoller with at least 4 channels to use the drone together. We recommend you to use RadioLink AT9 model RC controller.

    This drone set uses the KK2 Multicopter Contoller Board which is the one of the most popular flight controller boards in the world. This board allows you to adjust all the essential settings and very stabile flight. KK Drone controller contains a 6 - axis acceleration and gyro sensor. KK2 multicopter controller board is a very useful multicopter controller board with its on board screen. It is possible to adjust all the setting about pre - flight, on flight and post flight and data inserts. KK2 Kontrol Board does not need a computer to make setup, you can fly earlier with no work of setup.

    13910.jpg (61 KB)

    EkranResmi2015-07-09095419[1] (1).jpg (45 KB)

    The frame of this Drone kit is formed by durable and hard plastic arm and durable aluminum platforms. Witdh of this F450 kind frame is 450 mm.

    There are 4 pcs of EMAX XA2212 980 kV brushless motors. These motors are products of very high quality, high yield and high usefulness. Additionally you will find 2 different 1045 propellers set in 2 different colours to be used with these motors. You will find beck up propellers to be used in case of crashes. There are 8 pcs of this propeller sets in the kit.

    Addilionally you can find 4 pcs of 20 A high quality esc modules to control brushless motors in the kit.

    There is also a 7.4 V 2800 mAh Li Po battery to supply the electronic system of the drone and also you can find a SKYRC Li Po balancer to be used to recharge the Li Po battery.

    Moreover, the kit contains, a double sided tape, scissors, a screwdriver set, plastic clamps, various screws and other equipments to fix the propellers to motors.

    Airworthiness first: We explicitly recommend not to make connections between propellers and motors before all the setting and studies are done. We have add safety goggles in the kit to prevent from any accidents while mounting and flight.

    With all the equipment and battery, the drone weighs about 900 gr and it has a flight period between 7 to 12 minutes.

    Product kit includes:

    KK2 Multicopter Controller Board and a warning buzzer.

    F450 Frame (bottom floor, top floor and 4 arms for brushless motors.)

    4 pcs EMAX XA2212 980 kV Brushless Motor ve 4 pcs Propeller Hub

    4 pcs 20A ESC

    8 pcs 1045 Propeller (4 pcs CW, 4 pcs CCW)

    7,4V 2800mAh Li-Po Battery

    7.4v 2800.jpg (22 KB)

    SKY RC Lipo (Charger Device) Balancer

    Jumper Cable (7'li Female to Female Jumper Cable)

    Operating Safety Glasses

    İmbus Screws (16 pcs M3 x 8 mm, 24 pcs M2,5 x 6 mm)


    Double sided spong tape

    Plastic Clamps (14 pcs)

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