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Super Multicopter Set - Make Yourself Drone Kit

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Multicopters have been frequently used in scientific research and hobby applications lately. In addition to various models and specialized products for different purposes, there are also open platforms for development. At, we have compiled this comprehensive multicopter set for you. You can purchase this set individually and, by following the instructions in our prepared video, build your own quadcopter and start flying right away.

Please note that the RC controller and receiver are not included in the set. You will need at least a 4-channel RC controller to use with it.
The multicopter set uses the widely popular KK2 Multicopter Control Board as its control unit. This board allows all necessary settings to be made and provides very stable flight. The KK Multicopter board features 6-axis accelerometer and gyro sensors. The KK2 Multicopter Control Board has a built-in screen and is a highly practical multicopter control board. It allows for all settings to be adjusted on the board, making it quick to set up for flight without the need for a computer connection, unlike many other control boards.
The multicopter frame is made of durable and rigid plastic arms and sturdy aluminum plates. This frame, in an F450 configuration, has a width of 450mm.
The set includes 4 pieces of Sunnysky R2202 brushless motors. These motors are high-quality, efficient, and versatile products. Additionally, the set includes two sets of 1045 propellers in different colors that can be used with these motors. The propellers are included as spares, considering possible collisions or crashes during flight. In total, the package contains 8 sets of propellers.
In addition to the motors, the set includes 4 high-quality 20A ESCs for motor control.
The power source is provided by a 7.4V 2S 1750mAh Li-Po battery.
With all equipment and the battery, the weight of the multicopter is 900 grams, and it has a flight time of 7-12 minutes. To find more drone spare parts, click here.
Ürün Paket İçeriği:

Ekranlı KK2 Multicopter, Tricopter, Quadcopter Kontrol Kartı 1
Hobbywing Xrotor Fırçasız Motor ESC - 20A 4
7.4 V 2S Lipo Batarya-Pil 1750 mAh 30C 1
A2212 1400KV Fırçasız Motor 4
F450 PCB Kartlı Quadcopter Gövde Kiti - Kırmızı/Beyaz Kollar 1
XT60 Erkek Konektör - 10 cm Silikon Kablo 1
10 Pin Ayrılabilen Dişi-Dişi F-F Jumper Kablo-200 mm 1
Küçük Kablo Bağı Paketi (Plastik Kelepçe)  25
Çift Taraflı Köpük Bant 18mm - 2mt Beyaz 1
Çok Amaçlı Tornavida Seti 31 Parça 1
1045 Pervane Plastik Sarı - cw -ccw 1
1045 Pervane Plastik Yeşil - cw -ccw 1
Super Multicopter Set - Make Yourself Drone Kit
Super Multicopter Set - Make Yourself Drone Kit
5,948.46 TL + VAT
7,138.15 TL
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