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Raspberry Pi 4 2GB Combo Kit

Raspberry Pi 4 - 2GB version is here with the renewed combo kit. With this set, you can easily implement your Raspberry Pi based electronic applications, you can easily make many projects and step into the Raspberry world.

You can complete the applications described in our Raspberry Pi lessons until the 4th lesson with this set. All our Raspberry Pi applications are explained in detail in the comprehensive and updated booklet that comes in the set.

Is it Advantageous to Buy a Raspberry Pi 4 Set?

When you buy the Raspberry Pi 4, you will need at least an SD card and power adapter to use it. The Combo Kit we have prepared for you contains the basic components required to operate your Raspberry Pi. You can choose the Super Starter Set or the Project Set, which has a more comprehensive content, to carry out various applications and projects with the Raspberry Pi.

Which Projects Can I Perform Using Raspberry Pi 4 Kits?

This kit contains the necessary materials to use your Raspberry Pi 4 at a basic level. Additional components such as sensors and motors are included in our other kits. If you have this kit, you can do software development projects, media center and game console projects on the Raspberry Pi, you can learn the Linux operating system easily and perform other projects that do not need additional hardware. For example, Let's Build a VPN Router with Raspberry Pi in our blog, Convert your Raspberry Pi to Media Center with OpenELEC, it is possible to make your projects such as Classic Game Enjoyment with RetroPie with this set.

Combo Kit Contents:

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Raspberry Pi 4 2GB Combo Kit
Raspberry Pi 4 2GB Combo Kit
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