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Proskit SS-979B Heat Regulating Soldering Iron Station

With its dual screen, it allows you to control the soldering iron and the hot air gun separately. It can increase or improve the temperature quickly thanks to its high power. It makes less noise when working with the heat gun built in the brushless motor. Turbo fan design, the air flow is stable, consistent and soft. Heat resistant handle is suitable for long time use. High quality heating element, excellent output and durable for long-term use. The heat gun is environmentally friendly and energy-saving with its automatic sleep function. Soldering iron; The ceramic heating element has fast warm-up time and temperature recovery features. Compatible with Pro'sKit #5SI-216N series soldering tips.

Proskit SS-979B Heat Regulated Soldering Iron Station Technical Specifications

Power Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz

Total Power Consumption: 760W

Hot Air Power: 700W

Soldering Power: 60W

Warm Air Range: 100°-500°C

soldering temperature: 200°-480°C

Hot Air Output Voltage: 220-240V

Soldering Output voltage: 24V

Digital Display: available

Hot Air Heating Element: Metal heated

Brazing Heating Element: With alumina ceramic heater

Hot Air Volume: 120 L/Min. (Maxs.)

Equipment Noise: <45 dB

Fuse type:  250V/5A

Certificate:CE ve RoHS

Weight: 2.3 kg

Size(mm): 170x170x140 (including holder)

Spare Soldering Iron: 9SS-900N-SI

Replacement Soldering Heater: 9SS-900N-HT

Spare Nozzle: 9SS-969-A1(ID:4,3 mm),  9SS-969-A2 (ID: 7,4 mm), 9SS-969-A3 (ID:11,2 mm)

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Proskit SS-979B Heat Regulating Soldering Iron Station
Proskit SS-979B Heat Regulating Soldering Iron Station
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