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The RCWL-0516 is a doppler radar microwave motion sensor module which can act as an alternative to a PIR motion sensor. Instead of sensing changes in infra red radio emitted by a moving person this sensor uses a microwave Doppler radar to detect moving objects. It has a sensitivity range of ~7 meters. When triggered its trigger output pin will switch from (LOW) 0V to high (3.3V) for ~ 2 to 3 seconds before returning to its idle LOW state

Technical Specification:

  • Operating Voltage: 4-28V
  • Operating Current: 2.8mA (typical); 3mA (max)
  • Operating Frequency: ~ 3.2GHz
  • Detection Distance: 5-9m
  • Transmission Power: 20mW (typical); 30mW (max.)
  • Sensor Output Voltage: 3.2-3.4V
  • Capacitance Current of Sensor Output: 100mA
  • Triggering Path: Repetitive Triggering
  • Output Signal Low Level: 0V
  • Output Signal High Level: 3.3V
  • Working Temperature: -20 ~ 80C

Adjustment Part Introduction:

  • C-TM: Adjust repeat trigger time,default trigger time is 2s;increasing capacitor's capacity will make repeat trigger time longer;and actual counting trigger time can operate as below: Stick capacitor on C-TM,test 9196 3-pin frequency F,repeat trigger time T=(1/f)*32768
  • R-GN: Detection distance adjustment;connect with resistor and detection distance will become shorter;if not connect,detection distance is 7m;if connect with 1M ohm resistor,detection distance is 5m
  • R-CDS: Internal VCC parallel connect with internal 1M ohm resistor to CDS pin (that is 196 9-pin) by R-CDS ,CDS connects with photoresistor,you can close detection function at night.


  • 3V3: 3V3 power output
  • GND: ground
  • OUT: control output;when detect moving objects,it will output high level
  • VIN: input voltage,4-28V
  • CDS: enable control chip,lower than 0.7V,OUT will output low level all the time


  • No metal should be placed just in front of the induction side
  • Front / back side must leave more than 1 cm clearance

Technical Documents:

Microwave Radar Module - RCWL-0516
Microwave Radar Module - RCWL-0516
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