Micro:Bit Boson Kit için Eklenti Kartı (Gravity Modül Uyumlu)

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    micro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids and beginners to learn coding and electronics, letting them easily bring ideas into DIY digital games, interactive projects and robotics.
    micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson (Gravity Compatible) diagram

    However, on-board I/O rings and crocodile clips sometimes are not handy and safe enough to connect peripherals. To explore more possibilities with micro:bit, we have designed the micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson, a carry-on board that connects to micro:bit via edge connector.
    micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson (Gravity Compatible) Interface
    micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson (Gravity Compatible) Pins

    The expansion board comes with 6 fool-proof 3-Pin sockets, compatible with hundreds of DFRobot’s Boson and Gravitymodularized electronic blocks, covering most popular digital and analog sensors and actuators, supporting sound, light and motion interaction. 

    Moreover, the on-board 3.5MM headphone jack and volume knob supports direct connection of headphone. 
    To ensure a steady current supply for these peripherals, the expansion board can be powered externally through the USB power port.
    micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson (Gravity Compatible) Game:pad
    micro:bit Boson game pad
    micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson (Gravity Compatible) Connected with heart rate monitor
    micro:bit RGB LED heart rate monitor
    Product Image
    Product NameMicro:bit - an Educational & Creative Tool for KidsMicro:Mate - A Mini Expansion Board for micro:bit (Gravity Compatible)micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson (Gravity Compatible)
    Operating Voltage3.5~5.5V3.3V/5V3.3V
    Power supply DC2.1/TerminalsUSBUSB
    External supply voltage3.5~5.5V3.3V/5V3.3V/5V
    Digital ports (IO/PWM)17/833
    Analog ports (input/output)P0、P1、P233
    Interrupt pin (quantity)xxx
    Interface TypeGravityGravityGravity
    3.5mm headphone portx
    Dimension63 x 58 mm68.5×53.3 mm80×70 mm
    Mounting hole 50*55--
    Weight (g)642348
    Drive the servox
    ScenariosMany motors and sensors neededSuitable for small WorksInitial Stage
    Key Features

    17 io ports with 2 i2c interfaces

    Can drive Quad DC Motor Driver

    IO port expands 6 and the pin replaces the edge connector slot

    Anti-reverse pad on the back, which protects the control board and prevents micro-reverse
    Drive high current equipment, such as steering gear, components connected to 8 12 16

    3-Pin fool-proof connector x 6

    Edge Connector



    • 3-Pin fool-proof connector x 6
    • Headphone jack with volume knob
    • External power port and ON/OFF switch
    • DFRobot Gravity and Boson electronic module compatible


    • MicroUSB Power Port Voltage:5V
    • PH2.0 Input/output Voltage: 3.3V
    • Input/output ring Voltage: 3.3V
    • Maximum Current: 500mA
    • Working temperature: 0-85 ℃
    • Dimension 80 * 70 mm / 3.15 * 2.76
    • Weight: 48g



    • micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson x 1
    • 200mm fool-proof PH2.0 cable x 6


    Project 1. Micro:bit Surprise box
    In this project it shows how the box interacts with flahsing hearts.
    Main Components:
    • micro:bit
    • DFRobot micro:bit Expansion Shield
    • DFRobot Ambient Light Sensor
    • Servo Motor 9g
    Project 2. Halloween pumpkin lamp made by micro:bit
    How can a Halloween without a pumpkin lamp? The pumpkin lamp made of recently popular Microbit is a good choice.
    • Microbit *2
    • micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson (Gravity Compatible) *1
    • Digital RGB LED Strip 180 LED - (3m)(weatherproof) *1
    • 3.7V battery *2
    • Lithium battery charger *1
    Project 3: A colorful grapefruit made use of micro:bit
    As a trickster for Halloween, how can we lack an ingenious pumpkin lantern as an equipment?
    Hardware components: 
    • Big grapefruit *1
    • micro:bit *1
    • micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson (Gravity Compatible) *1
    • Micro:bit battery holder *1
    • Light strip *1
    Needle, utility knife, chopsticks or small wooden stick, scrap wire or wire, wool

    Microbit Project 4: Micro:bit Light(Mood Lamp)

    After programming the micro:bit, you can plug in power to Vin. The Vin will power the micro:bit.

    Hardware components:

    • micro:bit *1
    • Gravity expansion board for micro:bit *1
    • Neopixel ring 16 LEDs  *1
    • Dupont cables  *1
    • Old lamp  *1

    Project 5: micro:bit Laser Target

    The ambient light sensor sensor detects the intensity of the laser pointer. If it is greater than 400, it will sound the buzzer and the servo will make the target fall and up. Game over when it reaches 10. Press A to reset score to 0.

    Hardware components:

    • Micro:bit *1
    • DFROBOT micro:bit expansion shield *1
    • DFRobot Ambient Light Sensor  *1
    • DFRobot Digital Buzzer Module  *1
    • laser pointer
    • Servo motor 9g *1
    • Popsicle 
    • Bottle cap
    • paper target
    • Glue gun
    • Crocodile clip 
    • Micro switch 
    • 3V battery case
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