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This compact bracket enables convenient mounting of popular, micro metal gearmotors. Design of this motor bracket will fix the motor to your frame. The white metal bracket encloses the otherwise exposed gears, and the mounting tabs capture the nuts for easy installation.

You will find 2 pcs of Motor brackets and screws and loaves reqired for mounting in the package.

Kit includes:

  • 2 x 20 mm motor bracket
  • 4 x M2 x 12 mm screw
  • 4 x M2 loaf

This product is colored blue.

There are 3 different colous of this product: blue, green, orange.

This is a product of CKG & Robotistan colloboration.

 Micro Metal Gearmotor Bracket - Blue
Micro Metal Gearmotor Bracket - Blue
23.69 TL + VAT
28.43 TL
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