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Today, when it awakens, the weather is gloomy, people are fussy and not an ordinary day. There are even differences in the air of the city, the surrounding buildings, television and the news on the Internet. Youtube doesn't even offer funny cat videos today. With all this going on, you can see the city's energy lines glowing one by one, with people screaming along with screaming voices, but only in Hollywood movies.
It's time for you and your team! You must save the city from this situation and return it to its old glittering days. Set up your team and continue the job that started the blue planet last year and become one of the City Guards. Take place in the Makex 2019 City Guard competition, which will take place in Istanbul on May 11th, in Ankara!

Please read the following description carefully before you buy the kits !!!
Makex 2019 City Guard competition is made up of two different categories from 6 to 13 years and 12-16 years of age, and the makers can apply for this age range. To participate in this competition, you must purchase at least 2 sets.
However, those who have set the Makex 2018 Blue Planet contest last year will only need to get the MakeX 2019 City Guardian Upgrade Pack for Blue Planet and MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena and Mission Particles sets.
Those who have never participated in the Makex contest are required to take the sets on MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena and MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena and Mission Particles sets.

If you want to participate in the competition with more than one team, you only need to get 1 Arena and the number of add-on packages. With this scenario, 1 arena is ideal for use with a maximum of 2 sets. Those who want to participate in the competition with 4 or more teams should increase the number of arena kits for more active work. 

If you didn't create a pre-registration, you should register with the Makex Pre-Registration Application . The participants who will purchase and pre-register these sets will be contacted via e-mail and provided with the necessary instructions to create official records.

In The MakeX 2019 City Guardian Kit has electronic boards, motors, sensors and structural parts required to create and perform missions. The list of detailed set contents is available on the product image.

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MakeX 2019 City Guardian Kit
MakeX 2019 City Guardian Kit
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