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Makeblock mBot 1 Pro Development Kit (Mechanical and Electronics)

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Makeblock mBot 1 Pro Development Kit (Mechanical and Electronics)

Makeblock mBot 1 Pro Development kit is an expansion set that further enhances Makeblock mBot Event (Competition) Track 1. This add-on pack takes the educational experience offered by the base set even further, offering students and hobbyist robotics enthusiasts even more possibilities and flexibility.

Makeblock mBot 1 Pro Development Kit Features:

Extra Modular Parts: The add-on pack includes various extra modular parts to increase the functionality of the robots. These parts allow more complex tasks and projects to be accomplished.
Advanced Sensors: The extra sensors included in the kit enable robots to perceive their environment in more detail, which allows more complex and sensitive projects to be carried out.
Advanced Programming Possibilities: The add-on kit provides students with the opportunity to explore more complex programming scenarios. It supports both block-based and text-based programming languages, so users can further develop their programming skills.
Various Connection Options: Provides additional connection options that ensure compatibility with different motors, sensors and other electronic components. This makes it easy to customize and extend robots for a variety of tasks.
Expanded Competition Challenges: The add-on pack offers more complex and challenging challenges in addition to the basic competition scenarios. These tasks give students greater problem-solving and creativity skills.

Educational Benefits:

In-Depth STEM Education: Through more complex projects and tasks, students can gain more in-depth knowledge of STEM subjects.
Improved Problem Solving: More complex and diverse tasks provide students with more challenging problem-solving opportunities.
Creativity and Innovation: Students are encouraged to customize their robots for various tasks and develop new projects, increasing their creativity and innovation skills.
Advanced Technical Skills: Working with extra modules and sensors takes students' technical knowledge and skills to further levels.

Scope of application:

Advanced Classroom Education: It is perfect for more advanced robotics and coding classes.

Robotics Competition Preparations: Provides a competitive advantage in preparations for national and international robotics competitions.

Robotics Clubs and Workshops: Offers advanced projects and activities for robotics clubs and workshops.

The Makeblock mBot 1 Pro Development Kit enhances your existing robotic set, providing students and hobbyist robotic enthusiasts with more opportunities for exploration, learning, and innovation. This kit expands on the experience offered by the basic set, allowing for a deeper journey into the world of robotics.

 Makeblock mBot 1 Pro Development Kit (Mechanical and Electronics)
Makeblock mBot 1 Pro Development Kit (Mechanical and Electronics)
7,393.17 TL + VAT
8,871.80 TL
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