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EasyVR Shield 3 - Voice Recognition

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From now on, only a word is enough instead of a button in your projects!

This shield is used especially for voice commands in Arduino. You can do many great projects such as; voice door lock circuit or voice recognition to start your mini vehicle. Do not bother pressing a button when starting or working on your project.
EasyVR Shield 3 is designed as Arduino compatible Eas13950 yVR 3 module adaptor board to make it easy for Arduino users.
Shield is compatible with any Arduino with UNO-R3 shield headers.Also with IOREF you can choose EasyVR's operating voltage as 3.3V or 5V.
  • Compatible with all Arduinos including UNO R3 v1.0 and old Arduino boards.
    • Arduino Duemilanove
    • Arduino Uno
    • Arduino Mega
    • Arduino Leonardo
    • Arduino Due
  • Supports 5V and 3.3V main boards with IOREF pin
  • For easy access by EasyVR compiler, supports direct PC connection on "bridge", a special software focused mode with seperate USB/ Serial chip and only its USB interface
  • Different serial connection and also EasyVR embed module can be updated fast(via Mode Jumper)
  • Supports remapping serial pins by shield(on SW mode)
  • 3.5mm voice output jak compaible as earphone or exit route
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EasyVR Shield 3 - Voice Recognition
EasyVR Shield 3 - Voice Recognition
2,133.14 TL + VAT
2,559.76 TL
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