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EasyDriver Step Motor Driver Board

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  • EasyDrive step motor driver board provides control of step motor with all microcontroller and development boards which has digital output between 0V and 5V.
    Using this board, which supports motor voltage between 7V and 20V, you can drive 4 cabled step motors. Current limitation can be configurated with on board potentiometer. Through this, you can control your step motors with high voltage values. EasyDrive step motor driver board can draw current from 150mA to 750mA per phase.
    Note: When Board is supplied, do not wear or take out step motor and do not change cable connections. Male header is available as solderless in the package.
    • A3967 microstep driver IC is available on the board.
    • Board is compatible with 4,6 and 8 cable level step motor.
    • Output current can be configurated between 150mA and 750mA.
    • Value of Supply Voltage is between 7V and 20V.


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