DC Boarduino Kit - Breadboard Arduino Kit

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  • DC Boardiuno is a breadboard compatible and full function Arduino Board. This board has Atmega 328p microcontroller as the same as Arduino Uno. There is not any usb to serial converter chip on the board. So, you will need an external FTDI programmer.

    Product comes as a kit (components are not soldered).


    • Dimensions: 75 mm x 20 mm x 1.65 mm
    • Weight: 4.73 g
    • All Arduino pins exist (digital 0 - 13, analog 0 - 5, ARef, 5 V, GND, Vin, RESET).
    • Pre-loaded bootloader
    • Two Leds (Green: Power, Red: D13)
    • Reset button
    • Easy to solder
    • All DIP components
    • 6-pin ICSP header
    • Standard 2.1 mm DC barrel Jack power input (7 - 17 V input voltage, reverse voltage protection with 1N4001 diode)
    • Connection and auto reset for 6-pin USB-TTL converter (FTDI boards can be directly connected.)

    Boarduino web page

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