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Creality Cr-Scan Lizard Scanner - 3D Scanner

Capture even the finest detail with up to 0.05mm accuracy support with the CR-Scan Lizard. The CR-Scan Lizard can scan small parts and 3D prototypes in deep, hard-to-reach detail. with binoculars The designed CR-Scan Lizard is up to 0.05 mm, which is realized with the improved precision calibration method. stands out for its professional-grade accuracy.

Mark-Free Scanning, High Efficiency: CR-Scan Lizard is a real time saver. Intelligent algorithm makes 3D scanning as easy as shooting video. Engine hood, car door, front or rear Mold makers are no longer needed, even for large parts such as bumpers.

One Click Model Optimization, Easy to Use: 3D full automation algorithms Developed with the integration of CR Studio, it provides one-click model optimization! multi-position automatic alignment, automatic noise removal, automatic model simplified topology, automatic hole filling, and It impresses users with its ease of use by supporting automatic texture mapping. Also, CR Studio, OTA supports online updates for free.

Scan in Bright Sunlight, High Environmental Compatibility: With multi-spectral optical technology Engineered CR-Scan Lizard maintains excellent performance and environmental adaptability even in bright sunlight. greatly increases.

Scan Black Objects, More Scan Destinations: CT-Scan Lizard has better material applicability and can scan black objects, leaving unlimited creativity.

Multi-Mode Scanning, Flexible Switching: Supporting scanning objects of different sizes and Three scanning modes are optional, meeting various scanning conditions and requirements. CR-Scan Lizard, It is compatible with a portable charger and makes the charging method flexible.

One Click Model, Upload and Share: 3D models, very useful slicing and print operations can be completed with one click and uploaded to Creality Cloud. Interact with your friends If you want to set up and share the fun, Creality Cloud will meet your needs with the sharing function.

True Color Accuracy: CR-Scan Lizard can match color kit and mobile phones or Supports capturing colorful textures with DSLR cameras. After that, complete the color restoration Automatically maps colors to models with one click through automation software for This function is live 3D models and extends the application of CR-Scan Lizard in various scenarios.

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Creality Cr-Scan Lizard Scanner - 3D Scanner
Creality Cr-Scan Lizard Scanner - 3D Scanner
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