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Class Zd 11E Circuit Holder

Soldering, desoldering, etc. When making transactions on electronic cards such as It is useful for keeping electronic cards without damage. Electronics in different sizes with its adjustable feature It also provides the opportunity to work with cards. It is lightweight, portable and very easy to use.

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Class Zd 11E Circuit Holder Technical Specifications:

  • Model: ZD-11
  • Material: ABS + metal
  • Color: Blue
  • Maximum PCB clamping size: 20X14 cm
  • Clamping thickness: 1.2mm/0.05", 1.8mm/0.07", 2.0mm/0.08", 3mm/0.12"
  • Size: 30X16.5X12.5cm

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Class Zd 11E Circuit Holder
Class Zd 11E Circuit Holder
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