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CJMCU-531 VL53L1X 400cm Laser Distance Sensor

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  • CJMCU-531 VL53L1X 400cm Laser Distance Sensor

    CJMCU-531 VL53L1X 400cm Laser Distance Sensor, you can use this high precision sensor in your highly advanced projects. This module, which uses TOF technology, provides the user with more stable and precise results as well as being easy to use. Capable of measuring up to 4 meters, this module performs the measurement process using invisible light technology in order not to be added by ambient lighting conditions, color, shape, texture and external reflections.

    What is TOF ?

    This technology, which is widely used, is the technology that detects the travel time of artificial light sent from a light source on the sensor until it hits the object and the arrival time after hitting the object, and then processes it and gives it to the user. The reflected light here, unlike other distance measuring sensors, is rather wide-angle, not spotty.

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    CJMCU-531 VL53L1X 400cm Laser Distance Sensor Technical Specifications:

    • Input Voltage: 2.6-5.5V/DC
    • Measuring Distance: 400cm (Max.)
    • Measuring Distance: 4cm (Min.)
    • Light Source: 940nm VCSEL (Eye Safe - Invisible Class Laser)
    • Receiver: 16x16 SPAD (Receiver with Integrated Lens)
    • Output Format(I2C): 16bit Distance Reading (mm)
    • Width: 25mm
    • Length: 12mm
    • Height: 4mm

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