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C# Tutorial Book

How about learning C# basics and C# programming logic through a modular curriculum with hands-on projects? You can take your first step in the world of software and coding by learning the C# programming language, which is constantly in the top 5 among more than 2000 programming languages ​​around the world. You are very close to turning real-world projects into tangible products that you can bring to people's access by combining them with your imagination and coding them in C#. So let's start writing our first code by saying "Hello World", which is the first course code in the world.

This book will add even more to you, the reader, with the 2nd Enlarged and Updated Edition.

C# Tutorial Content:

  • Visual Studio Installation
  • Basic Tool Uses
  • Variables
  • Decision Structures
  • Operators
  • Loops
  • Series
  • Functions
  • Methods
  • Classes
  • OOPArrays
  • Lists
  • Collections
  • Database Concept
  • SQL Database
  • SQL Queries
  • Procedures
  • Triggers
  • Merge Operations
  • Applied Projects
  • File Operations
  • Graphics and Statistics Applications
  • Reporting
  • Dynamic Structures
  • Bug ChecksApps
  • Projects and much more...
C Education Book
C Education Book
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240.00 TL
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