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4.7K R TNC 

The circuit element whose electrical resistance decreases as the temperature increases is called NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient). Change resistance in inverse proportion to temperature of NTC (Thermistor). NTC sensors are made of a special ceramic material that changes resistance value quickly with temperature change. Usually bipolar transistor amplifiers etc. They are used to control thermal leakage with components, they have many different uses. You can click here to view the various components.


  • Diameter : 5mm
  • Resistance at 25°C : ±10% 4.7kΩ
  • Thermistor Temperature Range :-20°C-125°C
  • Thermal Dissipation Constant : 6mW/°C
  • Temperature Coefficient : Negative (NTC)
  • Component Type : Thermistor
  • Passive number of legs : 2
  • Component package : Radial
  • Passive connector type : Solder Legs
  • Passive mount type : Through Hole
  • Pitch : 5mm
  • Pack Quantity : 1pc
  • Maximum Power : 500mW
  • DC current rating : 45mA
4.7K R NTC Sensor
4.7K R NTC Sensor
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