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12 Channel Micro Maestro Servo motor control board can be connected to computer with USB interface and can control servo motors.This board can be used as high performanced serco control board(speed and accelerometre control, internal 0.25μs resolution) or GPIO controller(for example, control with ESC or a sensor via USB port). Board is sent as soldered and ready to use.

Micro Maestro is a multifunctional servo motor control board, also dimensions of board are very small( (2.79x3.51 cm ). Maestro board provides motor control in three ways. One of these is motor control from computer, the other one is TTL serial for embedded systems and the last one is command file for implementions which can work without a main computer. Outputs of board can be configurated as analog and digital. Maestro boards are extremely sensitive and high resolution boards. Variation time of these boards are less than 200ns. Board can be used and high perfomanced and professional works. Also each channel has speed and acceleration control. This provides smooth and perfect move without control source for calculation and flow of intermediate position updates . Units can be connected to other Pololu servo and motor controllers as ring in a single serial line.

You can configure device and make tests via USB with configuration and control program which is free. This can be used for Windows and Linux operation systems. Board can create servo move sequences for Animatronic or walking robots, write and provide control step by step. Also Bunun yanında Micro Maestro can store program files up to 8KB without a computer or microcontroller, position of servo motors and execute control and drive process.

You need USB Mini B cable for connect to computer. (Not available in the package)

Features :

  • Three control option: USB, TTL(5V) and internal command file
  • Board has 0.25μs pulse width resolutionat output. (This value corresponds 0.025° at typical servo motors and this value).
  • Signal frequency can be configurated between 33Hz and 100Hz.
  • Board has a vide pulse width range(64 uS - 4080 uS).
  • Speed and acceleration control for each channel.
  • If an error occurs motor can be take to any position, can be restarted or shutdown.
  • Channels can be used as general purpose analog input or digital output pin.
  • Motors can be controlled even with simple code languages.
  • There are two control software options for.

-Virtual Com port, make easy to send serial commands. at a development environment which supports any serial communication
-Pololu USB Software Development Kit allows to use improved local USB commands. Example codes are available for C #, Visual Basic. NET and Visual C + +.

    • TTL Serial Features:
      • Supports 300-20.000 bps at Fixed-baud mod, supports 300-115.200 bps at autodetect baud mod.
      • Board can behave as General purposed USB-to-TTL serial adaptor for projects which can be control from PC.
    • Board can be supplied with USB or 5-16V Power Source (battery, adaptor, aku etc.)
    • Dimensions : 2.79 × 3.51 cm
    • Weight: 7.3 g
    • Updateable software

    Comparison List of Maestro Boards:

    12 Channel USB Servo Motor Control Board
    12 Channel USB Servo Motor Control Board
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