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60°C Cylinder Type Thermostat Fuse

KSD301 10 Amp cylinder type thermostat breaker (fuse) is widely used in household appliances and various devices with its thermostat high precision, class performance.


  • Adopt the bimetal disc as the temperature sensing element.
  • General-purpose low cost, compact
  • Large capacity
  • Minute current thermostat


  • Name :Temperature Switch Thermostat
  • Model : KSD301
  • Action Type : Normally Closed - NC
  • Action Temperature : 60°C
  • Voltage Current : AC 250V 10A
  • Material : Metal
  • Type:(NO.)
  • Other Types : 0°/5°/10°/15°/20°/25°/30°/35°/70°/75°/80°/85°/90°/95°/100°/105°/110°/115°/120°/125°/130°/135°/140°/145°/150°


  • for Household electric appliances, PC, Microwave ovens, Irons, Refrigerators,
  • Electronic oven, heating unit, coffeepot, water heater, etc.
  • Ceramic insulator material design can provide better protection.
60°C Cylinder Type Thermostat Fuse
60°C Cylinder Type Thermostat Fuse
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