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What is a Power LED?

LED with a power of 0.5W and above is called a power LED. Unlike the LEDs we use for status indicators in our circuits, power LEDs are used for lighting purposes.

To be able to use power LEDs practically, you will need a carrier board and a driver circuit. Additionally, you can use lenses with 45 degrees and 60 degrees angles to focus the light of your Power LED.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Power LED
  • Color: Daylight
  • Voltage: 2.85 ~ 4.1 VDC
  • Current: 350 mA
  • Power: 1 W
  • Wavelength: 4100-10000K
  • Luminous Flux: 140 lm
  • Dimensions: 14.2x7.26
  • Lens: Available
  • Angle: 130°

Power LED dimensions
For the datasheet, click here.

1 W Daylight Power Led
1 W Daylight Power Led
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