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240°C Diode Type Metal Thermic Fuse

It is a disposable thermal fuse that prevents electrical devices from burning due to overheating.

Applications: Electric Appliances (e.g. irons, coffee makers, rice cookers, bread makers, refrigerators, kettles)

Product Features:

  • Thermal fuse type: Thermodisc E4A00.
  • Suitable for use as thermal overload protection with axial terminals according to IEC 691, EN 60691;
  • Rated voltage / rated current: 250 VAC / 10 A.
  • Certificates: VDE, UL, CSA.
  • Technical specifications (type, nominal temperature / maximum temperature): E4A000240C, 240/100 ° C
240°C Diode Type Metal Thermic Fuse
240°C Diode Type Metal Thermic Fuse
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