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YDLidar X4 - Pro Lidar Distance Sensor

YDLidar X4 Lidar Distance Sensor; It is a 360 degree 2D Lidar developed by YDLidar X4. Equipped with corresponding optics based on the triangulation principle. In order to obtain high frequency and high precision distance, electrical and algorithm design is done as measurement. It rotates 360 degrees to continuously extend to hold the cloud data of the scanning medium as well as the mechanical information angle information. X4 has PWM motor to adjust motor frequency. It has small design and low power consumption possibilities.

Adopts YDLidar X4 pulse laser, complies with FDA class 1 laser safety system, thus guaranteeing the safety of children and pets.


YDLidar X4 Lidar Distance Sensor Technical Specifications:

  • It has a frequency value up to 5kHz.
  • The varying distance is at least 10m.
  • It provides 360°C versatile scanning.
  • The motor speed is adjustable (recommended speed 6-12kHz).
  • It has strong resistance to interference from ambient light.


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YDLidar X4 - Pro Lidar Distance Sensor
YDLidar X4 - Pro Lidar Distance Sensor
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