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Do not you want to have a robotic robot with mechanical, scientific, tremor?

It is an easy-to-design, easy-to-manufacture robot. In our product; circuit logic, motors, conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy can be learned practically. Unlike other vehicles, they don't have wheels and the engine doesn't touch the ground. The hoverboard takes the energy required for its movement from the vibration motor designed by the student himself.

My First Robot Acquisitions

"Circuit completion, balance-engineering, making vibration motor with a normal DC motor, product development" as the main concept is to contribute with the acquisition of the following achievements.
To improve productivity and imagination.
It follows the instructions.
Sequential assembly skill gains.
Learns tools such as battery, switch, battery compartment.
It acquires circuit completion skills.
Producing original material allows for the emergence of original ideas.
He knows the engines that turn electrical energy into mechanical energy.
To create experience, to concretize.
Helping to discover electrical issues especially in daily life.
By creating a stimulating effect on learning, it improves recall and makes lessons fun.
Gains awareness for scientific activities.
It develops innovative thinking and problem solving skills.
Improving social relations, contributing to peer learning.
"I can do it, too." Building empathy, not producing, consuming, producing individuals.

Experimental Outcomes

At the end of the experience, children will play with their "first robots" that they produce.
Our product is not industrial. Problem solving is among our ultimate goals. When the first robots break down, we aim to find a solution to the problem and try to fix it. We want to cut the cable when there is no contact, lift the jumper at the end of the cable, and repair the connection itself.
We used abeslang as the main body when we arrived. We want our students to do different robots using different materials with differentiation, hacking, and so on.
By using other materials instead of abeslang body, we want the robot to observe the working condition. We act on the principle of learning by doing-living and experimenting. E.g; we want our pupil, who is experienced with the PET bottle, to observe the movement and to link it to the result.
We are people who are problem-minded, and we want our students to tackle problem solving in the parent / mentor relationship in order to solve problems in our products.

Stemist Box Hoverboard
Stemist Box Hoverboard
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