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SSR-25DA Solid State Relay - Solid State Relay (25A)

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  • SSR-25DA Solid State Relay - Solid State Relay (25A)

    SSR-25DA (25A) Solid State Relay - Solid State Relay works like conventional relays or contactors where they are used. Since they are made of semiconductor circuit, they have a longer life and durability than other products with mechanical and contact outputs. This product, which is triggered by a Solid State Relay supply between 3 and 32 volts, also has the ability to switch AC 24-380V electricity. It can also work in harmony with programming cards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

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    SSR-25DA (25A) Solid State Relay - Solid State Relay Technical Specifications:


    • Model: SSR-25 DA
    • Load Voltage: 24-380VAC
    • Load Current: 25A
    • Working Indicator: LED
    • Control Mode: DC-AC
    • Control Voltage: 3-32VDC
    • Shutdown Voltage: <3.5 VDC
    • Trigger Current: Max. 12.0 mA
    • Control Method: Zero cross switching
    • Leakage Current: Max. 5 mA
    • Response Time: Max. 8.3ms (60Hz)
    • Input Voltage Immunity: 2 KV (EN61000-4-4)
    • Insulation Strength: 4 KVrms (EN60950/VDE0805)
    • Insulation Power: 100MΩ / 500VDC (EN60950/VDE0805)
    • Coating Material: ABS (UL:94V0)
    • Ambient Conditions: -40°C ~ +80°C;35~85%RH

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