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Square Wave Signal Generator

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  • Square wave generator

    Onboard dual core cycle timing, high and low level output, high and low time are independent chip control, time does not affect each other. High-level output, LED lights. Delay output can be directly connected to the electrical module to form a cycle timer relay. Output standard square wave, but also do square wave generator for experimental development and use. Used to generate a square wave signal that drives the stepper motor driver. Generate adjustable pulse for MCU use. Generate adjustable pulses, control the relevant circuit. The delay time is adjustable from 0.1 seconds to 3700 seconds with 8 time ranges.

    Square Wave Signal Generator Technical Specs:
    • Size: 3.3CM * 2.4CM
    • Input voltage: 3.3V-12VDC. 5V power supply, the output current can be about 15MA; 12V power supply, the output current can be about 35MA;
    • Input current: greater than equal 100MA
    • Output voltage: consistent with the power input voltage
    • Wiring method:VCC: Connect the DC power supply positive (3.3-12V), GND: Connect the, DC power supply negative. OUT: high and low level delay output, can be directly connected with the trigger side of the relay module
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