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Radiolink PIXHAWK V3.0 Power Module +Safety key +Connection cable +TFcard (4G) + Buzzer+ Mounting foam

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  • Radiolink PIXHAWK V3.0 Power Module +Safety switch +Connect cable +TFcard (4G) + Buzzer+ Mountin foam

    PIXHAWK V3.0, after completely deciphering the overall circuit design and program code of Radiolink PIXHAWK, the circuit is redesigned, providing less internal components, less noise, more precise compass and safety in flight.Flight controller is fully automatic from SMT to source , antistatic, and less interference of internal components is achieved.

    PIXHAWK V3.0 Technical Specifications:

    • Size: 82.2 x 51.8 x 16.5mm
      Weight: 32gr
      Main Processor: STM32F427VIT6
      Co-Processor: STM32F100C8T6
      USB Voltage: 5V±0.3V
      Operating Temperature: -40~80℃
      Input Voltage: 2-8S
      Input Current: 90A
      Output Voltage: 5.1V
      Output Current: 2A
      Gyro: MPU6000
      GPS UART: 1
      CAN Port: 1compass: QMC5883L
      Barometer: MS5611
      Port: XH socket
      SPK/DSM: 1
      Mavlink UART: 2 (with CTSRTS)
      USB Port: 2
      BUZZER: 1
      SWITCH: 1
      ADC Port: 3.3V*1 & 6.6V*1
      SERIAL4/5 Port: 1
      SPI Port: 1
      I2C Port: 1
      RC Input(TX Signal Supported): SBUS/PPM
      RSSI signal Power Input: PWM/3.3V
      PWM Output: 8 OneShot/PWM Outputs
      Aux Output: 6 PWM Outputs
      SD Card Port: 1
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