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MY3B S45 Plus 3D Printer

CCH Teknoloji
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Baskı/Kesim Teknolojisi
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Çıktı Alanı
Otomatik Kalibrasyon
Kablosuz Bağlantı
Dokunmatik Ekran
: 100,000.00 TL + VAT
KDV Dahil Fiyat
: 120,000.00 TL

MY3B S45 Plus 3D Printer

With the MY3B S45 Plus 3D printer, you can print any apparatus you need, print out an object you scan with a 3D scanner or prototype a design you have drawn, or even create your own product.


MY3B S45 Plus 3D Printer Technical Specifications:




What are the Advantages of MY3B S45 Plus 3D Printer?

  • Don't Let Your Work Be Interrupted in Power Outages: Power outages are no longer a problem for your prints! Continue with one button after the interruption.
  • Filament Tracking System: With the filament tracking system, you can eliminate situations such as continuous checking during the printing process and restarting in unfavorable situations.
  • Internal UPS System: Thanks to the internal uninterruptible power supply, your work will not be left unfinished! Even if the power is cut off, your printing continues uninterrupted.
  • Color Touch Screen: Follow your work with the color touch screen, use the interface easily!
  • Silent Operation < 30dB: Our devices increase to a maximum of 30dB during operation. In this way, it offers a very quiet operation process.


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MY3B S45 Plus 3D Printer
MY3B S45 Plus 3D Printer
100,000.00 TL + VAT
120,000.00 TL
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