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TinyLab IOT Kit - TinyLab Book Gift (mBlock 5 Compatible)

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TinyLab IOT Kit - TinyLab Book Gift (mBlock 5 Compatible)

TinyLab is now also programmed with mBlock 5.0 !

TinyLab is an electronic board containing components frequently used in prototyping. The base of the board is Arduino. Thus, all the modules, circuit elements, sensors, etc. you need for prototyping. You can easily access equipment such as Arduino with Arduino codes. TinyLab enables Scratch-based programming with the latest mBlock 5.0 programmability update. Scratch programming is an editor that works with graphical programming logic developed for children who will just start coding. The coding logic, which is quite different from other editor interfaces, is a pleasant and easy to learn editor as it can code and run the functions that the user wants to perform, boxes with drag, drop and add value logic.

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You can create your own project by using all the units available on TinyLab. All materials except the wireless connection modules are soldered on the board. In addition, when you need wireless communication modules, you can easily plug them into the sockets on the card and add wireless communication capability to your project. You can review the videos below for sample projects prepared with TinyLab:

Components on the Board:

Tinylab Bileşenleri

TinyLab IOT Kit Content:

  • TinyLab
  • TinyLab and Arduino Book for Everyone
  • USB Cable (USB-B Type)
  • DC Adapter
  • 1 x ESP8266 Module
  • 1 x nRF24L01 2.4 GHz Wireless Communication Module
  • 1 x HC-06 Bluetooth Module
  • 1 x 9V Battery Cable

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TinyLab IOT Kit - TinyLab Book Gift (mBlock 5 Compatible)
TinyLab IOT Kit - TinyLab Book Gift (mBlock 5 Compatible)
1,557.93 TL + VAT
1,869.52 TL
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