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M5 30mm Phillips Head Bolt - 10 PCS

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M5 30mm Phillips Head Bolt - 10 PCS

Bolt; Hexagonal, etc., which connects the parts detachably using a nut, the tightening torque is usually applied to the nut. It is a flat-ended cylindrical fastening element with a head and threaded body. It is frequently used in robotic projects. It is a product used with a special zinc coating to increase its durability. The dimensions of the products are defined as Diameter - Length in mm. The first measure represents the diameter of the product, the second measure the length. In other words, it is a metric 5 size (5mm thick), 30mm long Phillips head screw.

Differences Between Bolt and Screw:

Flat-ended fasteners suitable for disassembly and assembly are called “bolts”; Other pointed fasteners are called "screws" in general.

M5 30mm Phillips Head Bolt Technical Specifications:

  • Thickness: 5mm (M5)
  • Length: 30mm

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M5 30mm Phillips Head Bolt - 10 PCS
M5 30mm Phillips Head Bolt - 10 PCS
13.20 TL + VAT
15.84 TL
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