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LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module - Wired

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  • LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module - Wired

    LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module is a module for measuring ambient temperature. It measures the temperature of the environment with the LM35 model temperature sensor inside. With this module, you can measure the temperature of any place you want and show it by providing the necessary hardware and software via Arduino-like development boards. You can make an electronic thermostat for your home and transfer it to the internet with the Wi-Fi module, see it in the virtual world you want and even examine it in the form of a graphic.

    What is Analog Temperature Sensor Module? How does it work?

    It is made by using materials whose resistance values ​​change with the change of temperature in temperature sensors. The resistance of the substance whose temperature changes is taken and the temperature is calculated using certain mathematical operations. These mathematical operations are calibrated to the temperature sensors. These materials used in temperature sensors are divided into two main types as NTC (Temperature and Resistance are inversely proportional) and PTC (Temperature and Resistance are directly proportional). Temperature sensors, on the other hand, are divided into Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin according to their calibers. Germanium crystal is used in NTC sensors while Silicon crystals are used in PTC sensors.

    LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module Pin Diagram:

    lm35d-analog-sicaklik-sensor-modulu-pin-diagram.jpg (17 KB)

    LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module Technical Specifications:

    • Sensor Model: LM35DZ
    • Input Voltage: 4V-30V/DC
    • Sensor Output Type: Analog
    • Temperature Measurement Range: 0°C - 100°C
    • Accuracy Accuracy: 0.5°C

    LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module Dimensions:

    lm35d-analog-sicaklik-sensor-modulu-dimensions.jpg (20 KB)

    LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module Package Contents:

    • LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module
    • 2 x Female-Female Jumper Cables

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