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Tilt Switch Sensor Module - KY-020

Tilt Switch Sensor Module, this module in normally open circuit position. It is not designed to be a closed circuit when tilted at a sufficient angle. It is a sensor module that switches depending on the position of the metal ball inside the tiny box on it. When the module is inclined at a sufficient angle, the ball in the tiny box changes its position by rolling and the open circuit and closed circuit conditions of the module are determined. You can use it with many Arduino-like microcontrollers without any problems.

Tilt Switch Sensor Module Specifications:

  • Model: KY-020
  • Sensor Model: Metal Ball
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3 - 5V/DC
  • Working Current: 0.3mA
  • Width: 16mm
  • Length: 19mm
  • PCB Thickness: 1.5mm

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Tilt Switch Sensor Module - KY-020
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