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Makeblock Me serie modules can be plugged and programmed easily. These modules are compatible with Arduino. This infrared receiver can be used for remote control at your robot projects. It works with 10 meter ranged infrared controllers. Instead infrared receiver, MCU IC is used. The way of work is similar to BC7210. Uses NEC IR protocol. Can be reprogrammed for using with different protocols.

  • NEC IR protocol is available.
  • Over current protection is available.
  • Through 6-pin RJ25 interface, connections can be provided easily.
  • Blue labeled, compatible with Me Baseboard.
  • Through 0.1" header connections, can be used with jumper cables.
  • 16mm distent M4 montage screw holes are compatible with Makebolck pieces.
  • Internal two LED indicates status.
  • Board has 10 meter range.
  • Dimensions: 24x48mm
Infrared Receiver Decode
Infrared Receiver Decode
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