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HTC Vive Pro Full Kit

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  • HTC Vive Pro Full Kit

    You will now be able to be in the games with the virtual reality glasses whose original name is "Virtual Reality". This product aroused great interest with the virtual reality it added to us. Vive Pro Full kit is VR designed for today and the future. Having a very effective resolution, it aimed to play with us with great pleasure. These devices, which include headphones, 2 controls, 2 lighthouse sensors, control box Sync cable, power cables, become perfect with the package.




    It surpasses other VR brands with its real-time instant detection, ultra-vivid colors and very rich sound quality. With the Amoled Screen, 2880x1600 resolution can be offered to us. It has managed to stay ahead of its competitors with its active sound certificate and Hİ-Res certificate. Place the pillow on your face and slide the headband over your head. That's when you'll know the difference.




    Get rid of annoying cables with the wireless adapter accessory!

    With the tracking sensors developed by Steam, you can move freely in a 7x7m area. Moreover, the arm, which has 24 sensors on it, allows you to interact seamlessly with your virtual reality world with its multitasking touch area, 2-stage trigger button and rechargeable battery.


    HTC Vive Pro Full Kit Technical Specifications:

    • Display: Dual AMOLED 3.5” Diagonal
    • Resolution: 1440x1600, 2880x1600(Per Eye Combined)
    • Refresh Rate: 90Hz
    • Field of View: 110°
    • Audio: Headphone and Impedance Headphone Support
    • Input Ports: Built-in Microphone, USB-C 3.0, DP 1.2, Bluetooth
    • Ergonomics: Adjustable Eye and Pupil Distance, Adjustable Headphone and Headband


    Do VR Headsets Need a Phone?

    Standalone VR virtual reality glasses are designed to work on their own without the need for an external device.

    What to Do with VR Glasses?

    With this marvel of technology, you can ride a mountain bike, be a sniper in battle, or glide through the sky. You can do many exciting activities.


    HTC Vive Pro Full Kit Package Contents:

    • Vive Pro Headset
    • Header Cable (Comes Connected)
    • Face Pillow (Comes Connected)
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Cover for Headphone Holes
    • Documentation
    • Link Box for Vive Pro
    • Link Box for Power Adapter
    • Display Port Cable
    • USB 3.0 Cable
    • Connector
    • 2 x Base Stations 2.0
    • 2 x Base Stations 2.0 Power Adapter
    • 2 x Controller


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