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  • The mechanics are extremely simple and you will not be satisfied with playing Gravity Toy, which operates with gravity and controls the gravitational force in separate steps.

    With "Gravity Toy" you do not need any software or electricity to make movement. These clever little rocking animals, walk alone by gravity. Gravity Toy only works on the incline at a certain angle. If you keep the ramp, which will provide the Gravity Toy motion, the jaws become trapped. If you can not adjust the stand and keep it close to the ground, the hind legs will squeeze. Adjust the slope until you find the slope. (Remember that the best angle for each animal is slightly different.)

    It improves creativity and creativity.
    It improves your imagination.
    It provides hand and eye coordination.
    Analytical thinking skills increase.
    They have knowledge about the friction force and the methods of reducing it.
    They explain changes in forces due to forces (gravity-friction, etc.).
    It establishes the connection between gravity-weight-acceleration-slope.
    He realizes that the friction force will cause a reduction in kinetic energy.
    Investigates and presents where friction is required to be more or less
    Innovate and innovate new approaches, design new products
    The objects are assembled in such a way as to form new forms.
    Using his small muscles he can make movements that require a certain amount of power.
    It works in three dimensions using different materials.
    "I can do it."

    At the end of the experience, the children will play with "Gravity Toy", which they produce.
    Our product is not industrial. Problem solving is among our ultimate goals. Gravity Toy, we try to find a solution to the problem, try to repair it. We want to control the ground when there is inactivity, control the friction and the area of ​​influence.
    Make sure that the wooden animals are not tightly pressed against the sides of the body. The rear leg must be freely releasable.
    We used wood as our main body for the moment we arrived. We want our students to differentiate their "Gravity Toy" toys, use hacking and other materials to make different toys.
    By using the weight, we want the movement of the player to observe the working state. By doing - we live and experiment by acting on the principle of learning persistence. We want to use the wooden player on different ramps. We want to try the product on the ramps that are made of cardboard, foam, wood and keel and observe the rubbing. To the feet of the animals; tape, sandpaper, we want to find a little more friction on the surface.
    Remember that friction is very important. If the feet slip, they lose a lot of energy and can not walk effectively.
    We are people who are problem-minded, and we want our students to tackle problem solving in the parent / mentor relationship in order to solve problems in our products.

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